About Your Orlando Photographer – Brian Huey

Business Portrait - Headshot of the photographer, Brian Huey wearing a black shirt against a dark blue background.

Brian Huey is an internationally published photographer specializing in artistic studio lighting. Based in the greater Orlando area, photographer Brian Huey most commonly works on Business Headshots and Corporate Portraits. Whether working with individual contributors, mid- to senior-level management, or the C-Suite, Brian is adept at capturing the best from everyone.

Other work styles

Aside from Headshots, Brian’s penchant for shadow and mood plays nicely in the fitness / physique realm. Equally comfortable outside the studio, Brian has an entourage of brides thrilled with both the experience of working with Brian and the final images in their albums and wall art pieces. Alas, weddings are a thing of the past for Brian.

Brian’s location

Brian typically works in-studio just outside Orlando in Minneola, FL (Next door to Clermont). Brian travels on assignment to Miami and Tampa, so he is available for location-specific assignments. If you’re in need of a single headshot, or an on-location session for the Board of Directors, connect with Brian and we’ll get it all arranged.

booking with brian

Booking your studio session with Brian is a breeze!  Brian uses Calendly to help you find a time that works for your schedule and his.  Now, if you need a time that isn’t available on his scheduling link, drop a note to the studio (or text Brian directly at 352-890-8940) and we can definitely make arrangements to get your project taken care of.  (Note on contacting the studio. Texting works best. Most calls will go to voicemail until you’re listed as a contact on Brian’s phone.  We can all thank endless robocalls and telemarketers for that necessity.)

Before Orlando

Before relocating to be an Orlando area Photographer, Brian has previously lived in the Jacksonville, FL and Houston, TX areas.  Born and raised in Fresno, CA, Brian is the son of an Almond grower.  Brian has two adult children.